Cermet Saw Blade

  • Cold Saw Blade for Steel Bar

    Cold saw blade for steel bar has been designed for solid steel section cutting and thick wall steel tubes. Thanks for the special tooth geometry, when use our cold saw blade...

  • Dry Cut Metal Saw Blade

    Dry cut metal saw blade can be used for cutting of steel bars, steel tubes, steel profiles, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal, Due to our know-how of sawblades’ tensioning...

  • Cold Saw Blade for Steel Tube

    Cold saw blade for steel tube has been specially designed for thin wall steel tube or pipe cutting. The thinner the wall, the more teeth are required. By improving the welding...

Cermet saw blade is a cold cutting saw blade widely used in automotive parts, medical devices, gears, bearings and other metal processing fields. Cermet saw blade is installed on automatic CNC circular saws, used for cutting steel of various shapes, such as steel rods, steel profiles, steel pipes, etc. It is the upgrading product of band saw, and its cutting efficiency is 10-20 times more than band saws.

Compared to conventional carbide tips, cermet tips have higher hardness, better red hardness and good wear resistance, which result in longer service lifetime of cermet saw blade.

Thanks to advanced saw blade body’s heat treatment equipment, cermet tips imported from Japan (hardness above HRA91), and strict quality control, our cermet saw blade products are more stable and cost-effective than band saws.

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