TCT Saw Blade for Wood Composite

  • Table Saw Blade

    Table saw blade is used for cutting of chipboard, MDF and HDF materials on table saw in the production of office furniture and cabinet. Strong body and the ultrafine grain...

  • Panel Saw Blade

    Panel saw blade is also called panel sizing saw blade, used for cutting of various laminated wood materials’ panels on panel sizing machine. The panel material can be cut in...

  • Conical Scoring Saw Blade

    Conical scoring saw blade is usded for cutting laminated panel together with the table saw blade or panel sizing saw blade to avoid panel chipping happened. Optimized hook...

  • Adjustable Scoring Saw Blade

    Adjustable scoring saw blade is used in the form of combination with two pieces of blades. Due to the single-side step of saw blade body, our saw blades have been strengthened....

TCT saw blade for wood Composite is mainly used in the production process of office and cabinet furniture. The cutting materials are mainly particle board, MDF and HDF with veneer on the surface. It is an indispensable cutting tool in the process of perfecting furniture products.

According to the different cutting methods and cutting objects, TCT saw blade for wood Composite can be divided into table saw blade, electronic panel sizing saw blade, conical scoring saw blade and adjustable scoring saw blade.

TCT saw blade for Wood Composite is usually used for cutting in fast feed speed, to get high efficiency. Its cutting life depends not only on the production and processing precision of the saw blade, but also on the correct selection of the carbide blade.

In order to maintain our competitive advantage, HAIC adopts the ultrafine grade carbide tips of CERATIZIT from Luxembourg and the grinding machines of VOLLMER from Germany to ensure the quality of every TCT SAW Blade for wood Composite saw blade meets customer requirements.

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